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Chez VW, le battement d’aile de coccinelle ne manque pas d’air

Mercredi 15 novembre 2006

Le mapping serait-il la mutation numérique de la métaphore ?

Les tropes s’attrapent par paire, de nos jours binaires ou de paires en pairs chacun trouve un compte plus ou moins bon, relativement satisfaisant, et certains termes que l’on pourrait traduire par transposition, plaquage, nappage, cartographie prennent un sens singulier et néanmoins délicieusement révélateur.

Nombre d’œuvres qu’on tague numériques fondent leur dimension poétique sur l’art du mapping. Il n’est pas question ici de technologie, mais de transposition, au sens rhétorique et musical.

Quand les chaînes causales rejoignent les associations poétiques, le mapping trouve une place attendue et confortable. Les faits se plaquent l’un sur l’autre sans que pour autant l’excitation esthétique opère.

Projet :

C’est ainsi que le spectateur, esclave et maître du spectacle, voit l’image ciller au rythme de ses paupières qui trahissent l’ennui comme l’excitation. Quand les phases béantes de cette intermittence vomissent le flot mal digéré de la télé. Le zapping piloté par le papillon dans sa cage qui de l’aile coupe le flux continu de la télécommande qui dit quand et comment l’image suffit. Le battement devient nombre et les programmes s’enchaînent en plans débridés. Le montage asservi, à rien, sinon à l’alea du libre cours du corps sans sens, à la rythmique physique, pertinente au-delà des signes en suspens. C’est ici la chaleur qui pilote le lépidoptère. Elle nous dit qu’ailleurs, à Sydney, le soleil faiblit. Lui qui se reflète sur les lunettes miroir d’une pin-up qui se gratte d’aise face à l’image en ligne d’un bellâtre qui luit, s’en fout car il pense que l’art est affaire de loto.
Le hasard a ses lois que l’art ne connait pas. Toujours.

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Pas de fleurs coupées pour Florence

Mercredi 15 novembre 2006

No Cut Flowers for Florence

Written 15 novembrer 2006

translation by Ashley Ferro-Murray
Player : France Inter, David Guez, Jean-Pierre Balpe

I awoke with the interview by DG, which recounts how he sends a message to his sweetheart in the future: Great idea! But, in time, what will the words become? How do these variable words resonate when cut of their root?
Shouldn’t we offer a letter that is sent, forever alive, a letter that continues to develop with the passing of time and that will infinitely progress and multiply its literary buds and flamboyant blossoms?
The Net is not only a mode of transmission; it is a symbolic space that plays with time like an image plays with the surface. The only possible non-inert form for an ever-living message for the future is a letter that is susceptible to superb evolution that respects the wilting and the self-deterioration in the absence of the receiver.

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DNA Fields and Frames

Lundi 23 octobre 2006

(weave and networks)

written : october 21st, 2006

Player: Derek Pr University of Rotterdam during his conference on the resection of DNA for early diagnostic.

I always dreamed of weaving information. Of finding a loom (the precursor with Jaccart of the information technology), that would be piloted to weave sheets, tablecloths, rugs surfaces. Based upon religious texts, hope messages or despaired messages, DNA corresponding to specific communities. The colour variations, line to line, the informative linear flux converted in surfaces as video raster transforms time in space. We could then live, eat, sleep, walk, pray on lives, on thoughts.

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Lundi 23 octobre 2006

(physical and network come back installation) October 21th, 2006

One reminds me of art trap.
Art Trap
It is a project I conceived when working on Art Impact for Beaubourg in 2000. The turnover operated in the attitude of the institution when a sponsor proposed to co-finance the work, was quite spectacular. We shifted from the ordering of an artwork and exhibition to a location renting (unfortunately under-financed, as usual) – and I thank, by the way, Daniel Soutif who, going over obstacles, made the thing possible. This sudden turn, not in Daniel Soutif’s attitude, but in the centre’s administrator’s attitude, was sufficiently spectacular and scheming so that I propose making out of it a special device.
Art Trap was born, left in the state of concept; I presume it has its place here, in the project’s purgatory.
Art Trap 2
Art Trap is funded on the idea that the artistic institution’s economy is a permanent compromise with the financiers. Some will say the whole art history is in the same boat. I, therefore propose to take possession of a location of minimum surface of 16m2, in a museum. A museum, I insist, not a gallery; it is the area dedicated in art in its most institutionalised version that interest me here. So I build four walls without ceiling above. In the middle of each wall, an opening without door. Above the opening, a projector turned inside. Online, a proposition to buy the space of visibility. Each volunteer/patron invests the desired amount of money and obtains the proportional visibility according to online engagements. The first one sees his logo, name, tag, brand on the wall facing the projector. As soon as the second one comes in for the same amount of money, each one fills only half of the space, and on and on.
Art Trap 3 When the number of « patrons » becomes significant, with plaster and trowel, I reduce the openings sizes to increase the « renting » surface. After some time, the four doors will only leave a cat size visitor in. And the so told and requested visibility would be reduced to electronic surveillance that report, online and black and white, the effective presence of the patrons with their logos.
The gained money, after deduction of charges, would be shared between the museum, renting the location, and the artist that will be able to, on a fix bank account, report the way the money is used, survival or pleasure expenses. A screen, outside the box, would transmit in real time, the state of the bank account: expenses, bills.

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Emotion Forecast

Lundi 23 octobre 2006

emotion forecast

October 20th, 2006
Player: Evo

Concept developed upon the frame of the Mechanics of Emotions. Architecture built on the model of stock market prediction system. Using yesterday’s data to project the emotional state of the planet up to 15 days.
Becomes interesting if the thing has an impact not in terms of future information but as a help for decision. The day-to-day version would only be available by very expensive subscription, goaling finance and stock market’s circle. Anticipating the emotional state of the planet is predicting important changes and settling placement shares in advance.
A new degree in the vapourware?
How a fiction has a concrete impact on reality and limits of the system. To pay naivety. The Emotional Forecast is a realistic fiction.

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Lundi 23 octobre 2006

written : 3 october 2006

The dump of the Net
translation by Ashley Ferro-Murray

Here one knows that one is able to dispose without selection and without discrimination that which we collected, that which we have abandoned for others, for forgetting or for destruction.
The dump is ecological. An ecology of the net. It is necessary to destruct this surplus of information, the residues of our overproduction and over consumption of gifts.
The dump must have an enormous stock capacity, but what has not been recuperated becomes sediment, self-destructed.
Some people work for the selective sorting, isolating sounds, music, text, images and videos that others could use.
Enormous archives are created in which one (the Recuperator?) is able to come to search, to dumpster dive.
If the Net is an image of transposed physical space, then informational poverty exists.
After the DOWNLOAD and the UPLOAD: the UNLOAD

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