Pas de fleurs coupées pour Florence

No Cut Flowers for Florence

Written 15 novembrer 2006

translation by Ashley Ferro-Murray
Player : France Inter, David Guez, Jean-Pierre Balpe

I awoke with the interview by DG, which recounts how he sends a message to his sweetheart in the future: Great idea! But, in time, what will the words become? How do these variable words resonate when cut of their root?
Shouldn’t we offer a letter that is sent, forever alive, a letter that continues to develop with the passing of time and that will infinitely progress and multiply its literary buds and flamboyant blossoms?
The Net is not only a mode of transmission; it is a symbolic space that plays with time like an image plays with the surface. The only possible non-inert form for an ever-living message for the future is a letter that is susceptible to superb evolution that respects the wilting and the self-deterioration in the absence of the receiver.

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