Who is MoBen ?

Maurice Benayoun’s sketchy biography

He digs a tunnel under the Atlantic (1), charts the first map of the world’s emotions (2) then sells these emotions as musical cocktails (3). He offers the only acceptable explanation of the imperfection of the World (4), launches a photo safari in the land of war (5), dares to ask the Big Questions (6): is God flat (7) and the Devil curved? (8). He shares his retina with everybody (9) and unveils the existence of Big Brother’s sister (10). To take a break, he creates the biggest interactive exhibition on Earth (11), reshapes Europe’s biggest abbey with pixels (12), introduces VR into PCs (13), reconfigures a major Paris subway station (14) and converts the Arc de Triomphe into a monument to Peace (15). And finally, he decides to put all his new projects to The Dump (16).

1 The Tunnel under the Atlantic (1995)

2 World Emotional Mapping 2004, Mechanics of Emotions (2005)

3 Emotional Traffic (2005), e-stock (2005), Emotional Market (2005), Emotion Vending Machine (2006)

4 Quarxs (1990-92)

5 World Skin, a Photo-safari in the Land of War (1997)

6 The Big Questions (1994)

7 Is God Flat? (1994)

8 Is the Devil Curved? (1995)

9 Art Impact, Collective Retinal Memory (2000), So.So.So. (2002)

10 Watch Out! The eye of the City (2004)

11 Cosmopolis, Overwriting the City (2005)

12 Multimedia tour of the abbaye de Fontevraud (2000)

13 SAS Cube(1998)

14 The Blue Station (2001)

15 Arc de Triomphe Permanent exhibition (2006)

16 THE-DUMP.net (2006)


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