One Minute of Attention, BA (Balanced Art)

Player: Erwin Wurms’ solo exhibition at the MUMOK, Vienna, Austria

Erwin Wurm

If producing art is a kind of a gift for the public, then the audience is giving back by dedicating a slice of time life « paying » attention to the resulting work.
In this cultural Potlatch, this exchange should definitely be balanced, otherwise the artist dominates the public.

1- I propose, in front of the One Minute Sculptures by Erwin Wurm giving One Minute of Attention and standing quietly in front of each sculpture or photograph. One can use a timer to control visitors’ donation.

2- Another possibility, in the case of Erwin Wurm is the shift in rules considering the less you do the stronger you are. Then, the public can avoid artist’s domination when passing by the work as fast as possible without any noticeable precipitation.

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