Video Game

Player: Thomas Lorenz, Technical University Vienna Austria

Reflecting Absence, winner project, Michael Arad and Peter Walker

5201 architects made a proposal for the World Trade Center call.
The WTC has been a reference for so many major cities trying to tell the World how big and important they are that all architects thought that to be the one designing the resurrection would be a good way to find a place on the Gotha of the symbols’ builders.
The idea here is to create a virtual city that would be made of these 5 200 projects for the WTC resurrection. Wolrd Trade City made only of World Trade Center. The excellence of trading, in the excellence of cities at the very center of the World.

It would be the perfect place for a video game, as if the WTC was the Building with capital « B » in the City with capital « C » in the Country with capital « C », then W.T. City should be the « W.T. » of the capital City.

What about a City that would gather all the attempt of perfection, of grandeur, of permanence?
Like all video games everybody will try to compete and win.
Different levels :
Cars race between the buildings, (police and gangsters?)
Helicopters race,
Planes race? Slaloming between the buildings trying to find short cuts.

The game play can probably be improved…

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