Treatise of Average Art

Traité d'Art Moyen

Player: the Fiac (International Fair of Contemporary Art) and the off Fiac (sounds like an offence)

To write a treatise of average art, not about photography in tribute to Bourdieu, but about all this lounge production on fair. The best, even, seem to choose for that in their work, the most vulgar, rapidly understandable art, matching to the lounge chairs.
Average art has its school and manuscripts. It is hard work, but even academism needs a little talent.
In the beginning of the 80’s, annoyed by the coming back of representation, one qualified as “free” as it is said about free school. We imagined creating a circle of “followers”, which would try with much effort to make and remake what others had made, often in a better way before. But motivation was lacking already, to allow us to reach the goal of the project. Others are more persistent.
The asset of average art, is that it sells…in fact, maybe not as well as that.

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    A schedule defends from chaos and whim…

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