Start by the Ass

October 27th, 2006

Project for an artist career

Is the Devil Curved? MB 95
Is the Devil Curved? Installation interactive MB 1995

Florent told me about the fact that on major video websites, where thousands (millions) of them are available, the most consulted ones are the ones of which the first image represents an ass. An example is an extract of Zbigniew Rybczinski’s Tango, which begins with the scene where the girl undresses, and has great success.
If the mode of recognition and validation of the image (or else art) induced by the network, the vote, are this that was said before, one has to reconsider creation patterns.
The idea is far to be original: Ingres, Boucher, Delacroix already understood it, but it would be right, further than a communication stuff, to consider a career. Some have chosen a graphic signature (Burren’s stripes), a formal line (metallic inflatables, by Koons); others pack in object tight or reverse the portrait, this without that redundancy or/and reiteration damage the quality of their work.
The project here is to produce an artist career where all the artworks begin with an ass. It is left to know if others haven’t thought about this yet…

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