Emotion Forecast

emotion forecast

October 20th, 2006
Player: Evo

Concept developed upon the frame of the Mechanics of Emotions. Architecture built on the model of stock market prediction system. Using yesterday’s data to project the emotional state of the planet up to 15 days.
Becomes interesting if the thing has an impact not in terms of future information but as a help for decision. The day-to-day version would only be available by very expensive subscription, goaling finance and stock market’s circle. Anticipating the emotional state of the planet is predicting important changes and settling placement shares in advance.
A new degree in the vapourware?
How a fiction has a concrete impact on reality and limits of the system. To pay naivety. The Emotional Forecast is a realistic fiction.

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Un commentaire sur “Emotion Forecast”

  1. moben dit :

    The first instance of this project will be presented during FAME event, Decembre, 9, 2010 Espace Cardin Paris
    and will come soon online: http://www.emotionforecast.com

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