Title TK

(note) october 20th, 2006

Christophe’s comment: The spirit of the Dump reminds of Thierry Kuntzel’s notebooks, published by Anarchives, Title TK of Anne-Marie Duguet.

It is true that I made myself the remark – discovering these notebooks that are quite fascinating of lucidity – that it was unfortunate that all the concepts, reflexions, that nicely clutter daily paths, had left no traces. Keep the trace, at least for me. In fact, I trust the creativity catalyser of forgetness too often. As shortsightedness, that forces to invent lacking information (in the blur on vision), neglectness forces to rebuild new bricks in deficient memory architecture. Short sightedened and short of memory, I accrue privileges…

Would Thierry have used a blog instead of his notebook, if technology had permitted it at the time?

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