Close encounters

A Bar. Tables and chairs. One table. One chair. One screen. Of course, we usually go to the bar to have a friendly moment. Here, there is already somebody sitting at the table. On the screen! He or She talks… We start talking, to react, to reply. Feeling like having a date. Like the main character in Morel’s Invention, by Adolfo Byoi Casares, trying to become part of a pre-recorded scene, which he knows to be such, and that will be played and replayed for ever. After their conversation, the newly recorded people are now the new face we meet on the screen, with this very ambiguous way to talk…the one has been trying to find the words fitting a talk that no-one was supposed to listen to.

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  1. [...] que s’adresse la personne en face de moi. Il est possible que pour reprendre le dispositif de Close Encounters ce soit une situation de bar, ou chaque écran face nous parle à l’autre et que l’ensemble des [...]

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