Back Frame

Player: FIAC 2006
Medias wish to build an image of the world further authentic than supernatural, reality shows bring a global vision to a single one, single and apparently common, of which the general vision an the media-related alchemy changes into extraordinary considerations.
Until the middle of the 19th century, the means of painting tended to transpose the extraordinary by conferring it a tangible substance.
When reversing this proposition, and considering the following, Back Frame, that is a small device integrating the cartel beneath certain painting, less or more important, in a museum; it is composed of a video camera and a transmission kite, such as WiFi.
Therefore, results a new artwork, in the homes…where a screen of the size of the museum paintings, receiving the image of the painting watchers and whom seem to be appreciating, your inside living. They even sometimes close up, to admire details (the cartel readers, in fact).
Each artwork item is titled:
Les Arnolfini, Back Frame
La Joconde, Back Frame
L’enlèvement des Sabines, Back Frame
La Femme qui pleure, Back Frame

If it is the artist who influes on the vision of the watcher, the final artwork should be signed of his name, and the conclusion would be that the eye of the watcher is formed by the artist himself.

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