So GOOD! …so far

The Dump exhibition at Laznia Centre Gdansk

Players: Agnieszka Kulazinska, The Dump exhibition at Łaźnia, Centre for Contemporary Art

The Exhibition at Łaźnia, Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk, Poland, ended yesterday. Curated by Agnieszka Kulazinska, this exhibition entitled The Dump, Reclycling of Thoughts, presented works by nine artists from 4 different countries, all inspired by project concepts coming from the Dump. This was an amazing extension of the Dump blog in which concepts of works are abandoned to be picked up by people, artists and curators. Even if the way was open by some Dump projects like OODD (Out Of The Damn Dump), Agnieszka Kulazinska’s initiative constitutes an unexpected appropriation of the Dump itself – and not only of the Dump posted projects – of the highest relevance. Unexpectedly, artists replied positively to her request and the resulting works I had the chance to discover the day of the finissage take by chance the same freedom with the Dump posts that each of those take with external inputs. That produces an interesting range of works. One of them took the dump itself as a trigger creating the Dump of Dump… Talking with the curator, it became obvious that the question is less about where the concept is coming from than: how strong is the result?

Then we start talking about a possible title for a curated exhibition:


Other curators would be invited to propose only one work, which he or she wouldn’t consider nor « relevant » or « interesting », but just, simply and without contest as « Just GOOD ». The curators wouldn’t be invited to comment or justify their choice. Agnieszka added that in the 19th century we used to consider that an artwork should be beautiful, in the 20th century it had to be interesting I completed by saying that, in the 21st century it SHOULD be GOOD. Even if I couldn’t say at that time if it meant « strong », « enjoyable », « memorable », « stunning », « trigging our deepest stress or desire », « tickling neurones » the right way, « touching » or « definitely forgettable » leaving in our mind no damaging or fruitful trace and leaving us as we were before: like a blank page waiting for something GOOD.

Without any justification, it was clear that the next exhibition should be titled: So FAR!

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