Project #214 : Not found in the Dump

Lukasz Jastrubczak work in the Dump exhibition

Players: Agnieszka Kulazinska, Łukasz Jastrubczak, The Dump exhibition at Łaźnia, Centre for Contemporary Art (Gdansk, Poland)

The work by Łukasz Jastrubczak in The Dump exhibition at Łaźnia proposing to hack The Dump, was an interesting and quite expected statement.
Video monitor and headphone.
Back turned to the camera, the artist reads a user manual for hacking the Dump. The caption explains that he « fund (sic) no interesting project in the Dump » and proposed to hack it to replace the author’s projects by he’s own ones. Of course this reaction would’nt be surprising from an artist who would have rejected Agnieszka’s offer.

Łukasz was apparently not informed of the existence of the OPENDUMP.ORG where everybody can post projects that become immediately available for the reader’s use. A kind of « open-to-hacking » Dump of course less exciting in the context of the exhibition. The interesting consequence of Łukasz proposal is that, when all the works in Łaźnia exhibition could pretend to autonomy and witness of a real creative engagement… this one was amazingly the only project that could not survive to the Dump

One of the curator’s intentions in provoking artists by asking them to officially use the Dump as an input for producing their artwork was obviously the question of the shift in terms of authorship that affected the art field –probably moreover these last years due to the network inflation- playing with ego, originality, invention, creation, anteriority, and interior necessity… Agnieszka takes the Dump as a proof of concept. In the Dump, everything written in a post doesn’t pretend to novelty, as confirmed by mentioning the sources, when they are known, and the context of inspiration by listing the « players ». Agnieszka’s exhibition project is playing with the limits of artistic involvement and artistic aura. A good point is that if my name is properly mentioned in the press release, it doesn’t appear on posters and flyers. This choice is totally consistent, considering the Dump statement related to the free and legitimate use of the concepts.

A possible proposal: directly inspired by Łukasz’s work: the invited artist could post in the Dump a concept of work, project number 214, the last one of the referring series of projects, and ask me to realise it. Of course I would then be in a different situation as I am not the one who asked other artists to get inspired by the Dump. I’ll never have the curator power of persuasion. But if I would be solicited, I could keep the right to decline the offer if I don’t feel inspired by the project. This project has to be motivating enough!
On the other hand I’m sure that I would find exciting to do a work from a concept primarily defined as « not found in the Dump ».

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