Reversed Concept Art (RCA)

player: Florence Benayoun

To know if the “concept” is valuable by itself, we should try to produce the concept out of an existing piece of art. Preferably a good one!

From Marcel Duchamp’s Fontaine:
Put a trivial object on a sculpture base in a gallery, give it a metaphorical name and sign it.

From Picasso’s Guernica:
Make a painting about Guernica tragedy. Use black and white paint. Do it big enough to impress the viewer. Paint the light as a cut out surface. Cut everything you try to depict. Distribute eyes on the face were you find enough space. Put fingers at random at the end of what should be arms and legs…
And try to do it well…

Picasso Duchamp

Should I try with Piero Della Francesca, Michelangelo and Delacroix?

What can we think of that ?

1/ the concept don’t make the work.

2/ some works could have remained at the concept state.

3/ some concepts can be pieces of art if their statement constitutes their best possible achievement. Of course, this is a necessary, but not sufficient condition.

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