The-Dump, finally

(blog-website) October 19th, 2006

I remained in dissatisfaction, facing the accumulation of projects, knowing that probably some of them would evolve in the usual process, until their realisation…others luckily, by neglect or forgetting, would sink in the depths of the website. This same principle of depot, without any idea sort out, in ranges starting from the most complex to the most indigent, imposes, because of the amount, either to leave time sort out (the ancient articles are certainly the less read), or to introduce the empirical filtrating process for further recycling.
Giving the choice to visitors to grade the projects upon their will, as in the usual blog process implies ones find easily their way through in what we share of medium motivation. The inconvenient would be to think art is democratic, that it can satisfy the consensus, be revelled by audimat. Nevertheless, I have always tested my projects by telling about them, even before any drawing or words had been put down.
So, at least, here, it is the compost more than the vox populi that disintegrates. In this purgatory of ideas, some of them would resist with use, to the dissolution in forgetness of the inferior stratum of the Dump. The Dump, where there would always be curious and volunteer minds to mottle, in the quest for what would have escaped from collective vigilance.
I therefore can consider the projects of the inferior layers would be abandoned to passers by and lingering on projects could develop themselves on the basis of this conceptual dunghill.

Each visitor would have the possibility to click:
- Deep-Dump
- Wait and see
- Keep it
- Should be done

Entering the blog, one could see horizontal lines, stratums, corresponding to the projects. The organisation is not done by chronology anymore, but by reaction classification. The inferior layers are the deep-Dump. Everything is available. Nevertheless, left possible to either pick in it or deliver:
- Keep me posted
- Forget it
- Think about it

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