For whom are these snakes

Pour qui sont ces serpents?


October 15th, 2006

On stage, the actors. They appear backlit Ted, silhouetted. The back of the stage is a screen an hanging above, are long like, elastic shapes of which the motion reminds the one of snakes. Amongst the auditors, some handle small devices (cellar phones, PDA). The latter know the image on the screen is the one filmed by the video cameras, the snakes’ eyes. The devices film on request of the actors, sometimes in close-up, on their lightened side. Based in the controls set, the cutting off is made according to the shots, guided by an audience that want to see more and more, closer. The succedance of images are real-time mixed.
Amongst the actors, video (snakes) constitute a scopic permanent thrill, testifying their over exposition, creating a proximity unfound in theatre. Their video-sights denunciate, at the same time, the anxiousness of being seen, the fear of being ignored, the to eye contact with the audience.
The paradox is also issued, at this time they share the space of the room, and the spectators can find themselves watching the actors on screen although they can see them on stage, partially hidden by their silhouette in action.

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