WAR PAIX Concorde

War Paix Concorde

Communication concerning an object has never previously been a key to read the project. The poster announcing new scenography of the Arc de Triomphe should allow for a rapid interpretation of intention: to decipher a symbol, to change the symbolism from the military point of view to the potential for peace. This was the objective of a permanent installation: to treat the monument as a subject, while researching its monumentality, references and origin, as well as its function as a solely symbolic monument: a national monument presenting a nation but through the filter of a war. Then to confront the object with the reality of a specific period of time: our period, with its preference for such values as peace, which has been the monument’s ecosystem for over sixty years.

When I learned that it meant covering La Concorde with posters, the opportunity was too great to miss and I suggested, stepping out of my role concerning communication, two posters which I imagined would hang opposite each other and be divided by the rails on two opposite sides of the Concorde station, line no. 1. Of course history decided differently; the English word “WAR”, I was told, created a problem. But the subject has remained and still persecutes the monument and its communication, a witness of doubt which was not intended, but which shows in a mission of the national monument: “between war and peace”.

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