Art Impact - Collective Retinal Memory


Here is a demo version of the web part of Artimpact, together with this notice:

You will need a flash 4 or better pluggin and accept java applets and javascript. It is best viewed on a PC, although on a mac you may use the Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) to get good performances.

Note that the applet is supposed to connect to a "retina server" which is not active by now, hence the message "you are not connected" on the applet. It means that your image and gaze choices won't be taken into account for building the new retina (lower part of the applet)

You will also see here some other "retina images" taken from previous interactions. Here they appear as flat images, but are meant to be seen as sperical maps on both:
- the retina part of the web page
- on the big projection screen with the real-time high definition application.