Crossing Talks 

communication rafting

concept and direction

Maurice Benayoun 
sound and interactive music

Jean-Baptiste Barrière

executive prodution and VR development

Z-A Production Paris (

technical direction and software development

David Nahon

software assistant

Vigor Geslin

rat modeling and pre-animation

Régis Toulan

Internet video chat and editing

Guil Hadad

Eva Lange
Special thanks to

the ICC for the kind invitation

Haruko Kawai, Shinichi Ishikawa and all the ICC team

Patrick Bouchaud, Claude Knaus from SGI Europe

Karen Benarrouch, Thierry Prieur, 

Stéphane Singier, Corinne Lambert and all Z-A team

Dan Sandin from EVL (University of Ilinois) and VRCO for the CAVE Lib

Anthony Steed and Piers O'Hanlon from UCL Computer Science department,

Hitoshi Takahashi and all the team from Flex

Kiyoshi AKIYAMA, Tomoya EGUCHI, Holcuto ISEKI, 


and of course, all the people - on line and on site - that have made it possible